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Insulating Pipes and Wires


Insulating Pipes and Wires: Right vs Wrong

What comprises a good insulation job? What should it look like? Where are the most common errors? We’ll take the next few months to look at some common installation issues.

Insulating Pipes & Wires

Let’s start with a sample job: Most of the insulation near the electric box is pressed to the side of it, with little or none behind the box. As a result, there is part of this cavity with no insulation and another with compressed insulation.

Here’s another installation scenario: The installer has taken the time to cut the batt and adequately insulate behind the box. By insulating this way, compression of the batt beside the box is also avoided. Of course, the blow-in-blanket system fills voids and gaps around pipes and wires completely. BIBS also increases the wall insulation R-value to R15 in 2×4 walls. However, a good batt installation is possible – it just requires attention to the details.


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