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Home as a System


At NorthStar Comfort Services, we approach every house individually because every house presents unique challenges to becoming more comfortable and efficient. While there are general guidelines to follow, we specialize in using our resources to keep up with building science, so we can keep providing the best answers for you. We view your home as an integrated system.

Specifically, there are three areas of concern that affect a home’s comfort, and by dealing with them you can confront most of your performance problems.


Heat Flow
Heat is moved through conduction, convection, and radiation. Our insulation and window film products deal directly with controlling heat flow.

Air Flow
How and where air circulates through your home is dependent on the invisible air pressures inside and outside the home. We offer air sealing as part of our installation in new homes and offer Home Performance Testing on existing homes to find those air leaks!

Moisture Flow
Recent health and comfort problems caused by mold have created a new awareness about where water and water vapor flows with
in your home. Most of the time, stopping air flow will stop moisture flow. We install vapor barriers in new homes to control moisture, including CertainTeed’s MemBrain, which alters how much moisture can pass through it.
The Home as a System or Whole House concept can be pretty daunting at first, second, or third glance. That is why we are here to help guide you in making the best decisions you can.