Business Window Tinting

Benefits of Window Tinting for Your Business or Office

Tired of hearing complaints from staff or tenants about windows that are too bright? Or looking at a desk that no one wants because it gets too hot? How about issues with fading on your retail storefront? Or maybe you want greater privacy in your office? Consider window film to be the answer to many of the problems you may be facing within your workspace!

Even out the hot spots

Whether your entire storefront is glass, or you have a full glass door for your entrance, commercial properties are notorious for windows that are either just in the wrong place or get
too much sun for employees and customers to want to be around them for too long. Plus, businesses tend to have single pane glass, which is the least efficient glass available. Tinting these windows can help make the areas in and around them more comfortable by reducing heat and glare, which can help even out those uncomfortable hot and cold spots.

Attract Customers

Businesses with tinted windows have a more uniform, professional look. This can be a great advantage when trying to attract customers to your business or make a good impression with your office! Use window tints to “freshen” up your building’s appearance and to keep your employees and customers comfortable once inside.

Increase Privacy and Security

While the professional look of your tinted windows can attract customers, it can help deter thieves from breaking in. Not only do the window films make it harder to see valuables inside, it also makes it harder to break in and make a quick getaway. That’s because windows with film on them are harder to break or shatter, as the window film causes the glass shards to stick together. This can help to protect both your property and those inside of it. Thicker security films are also available if this is your primary concern, as well as a variety of frosted films that can cover entire windows or just part of interior office glass.

Of some note: we often get asked to create a ‘one-way mirror’ effect. The bad news is we cannot always achieve this effect exactly like the movies, due to how the light sources are located and used. The good news is that we do have a film that’s designed to help create a one-way mirror as much as possible and we’re more than happy to provide a sample, so you can see if it will work in your specific conditions.

Protect Your Employees and Customers

Protection from break-ins isn’t the only safety benefit that window tinting provides. Window films are recommended by many health and science professionals as the best way to protect your skin from the sun while indoors.  Extended exposure to harmful UV rays can be damaging to your employees and customers and is something that can be easily avoided with window films. So why risk it? All window films block 99% or more of the UV spectrum.

Protect Interior Furnishings

Interior items last longer when kept in a building that has tinted windows because the film reduces the primary causes of fading. Whether it’s a lighter film for a retail storefront or a darker film on an office building, all films block almost all of the primary cause of fading — ultraviolet light. The next causes of fading are heat and visible light, which are also reduced with window films! After the initial cost of installing window film, your business may be able to reduce upkeep and replacement costs and spend that money elsewhere.   

It’s important to note that nothing stops fading entirely, except windowless rooms with controlled temperature and humidity. Of course, even then, some sources of artificial light can cause fading! The important thing is that window tinting will dramatically extend the life of furniture and all other belongings behind it.