Wichita Insulation and Aluminum Company

Wichita Insulation and Aluminum Company was founded in 1947 by Dan and Lola Boone. The company now exists under the new name NorthStar Comfort Services, Inc

When Wichita Insulation and Aluminum Company began, we met the needs of a booming housing industry at a time when insulation was a relatively new technology and energy efficiency was more of an abstract than a reality. In 1981, Jim Boone, Dan and Lola’s son who had become president of the company, started a separate window tinting company. Originally called The Tint Shop, the name was later changed to Window Works. This new company also had the goal of creating more comfortable and efficient living environments. These shared values led to the companies merging under the NorthStar banner signifying an integrated approach from our company, leading to integrated solutions for you.

Today, at NorthStar Comfort Services, Inc., we are dedicated to providing a comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient living environment to each of our customers.