Insulation Types

BIBS® (Blow-In-Blanket System)



When it comes to insulating your house best, look no further than The Blow-in-Blanket System®. BIBS® installs clean and dry and eliminates gaps and voids of conventional batt installations. A patented system, BIBS® blows insulation into a cavity to create a thermal blanket. Pipes, wires, & electrical boxes are encapsulated by 2-3 times as much insulation than standard batt jobs. BIBS® is available as either an R13 (with JM’s Spider material) or R15 (with CT’s Optima material) installation.

Beware of Imitators

NorthStar is and has always been a certified BIBS® dealer (since 1988). The certification process requires our trained installers to be recertified every two years — yet another way to make sure that our products live up to your expectations.



Although we can and do use insulation batts regularly, they can be limited in their effectiveness depending on the shape and dimension of the exterior wall. Improper batt compression can lead to lower efficiency and a lower R-rating. Our technicians are trained to determine the correct insulation installation method to use in your home.

Spray Foam



NorthStar Comfort Services can provide professional foam insulation. However, we prefer to save spray foam for those hard-to-insulate places. By installing the Blow in Blanket System (BIBS), we are fully capable of spray-insulating entire structures.

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