H.E.R.S. Home Rating

The Home Energy Rating System, better known as the HERS Index, is the industry standard for measuring your home’s energy efficiency. Used nationwide in inspections and residential performance reviews, the HERS rating is like an MPG rating for your home.

The rating system takes into account the combined energy efficiency of your:

  • HVAC System & Water Heater
  • Attic, Foundation & Crawlspace
  • Windows, Doors & Ventilation
  • Ceilings & Roof
  • Floors (Conditioned & Unconditioned)
  • Walls (Above & Below Grade)

The data is set against the performance of a new “control-home”, which is set at an efficiency of 100%. Therefore, a home with a score of 80 is 20% less efficient than a new home and a score of 150 is 50% more efficient than a new home. The HERS scoring has become so well-recognized that scores have begun to affect home resale values across the nation.

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Home Energy Rating