Re-Insulating Your Existing Home

Your home may have less insulation than you think. Older homes typically have less insulation than homes built today, and for homes that were once properly insulated, the insulation may need to be upgraded. By adding insulation to an existing house, you can save money while more importantly, improving the comfort of your home.





When is the Time for More Insulation?

While a qualified home insulation advisor can help you identify problems with your current insulation, most homeowners can notice the need for more insulation just by making everyday observations. Here is a guide to tell you what to look for when considering if additional insulation is needed as well as other handy home maintenance tips.

Indoor Temperatures are Inconsistent

When insulation shifts in attic areas or is disturbed by workmen or critters, cold or hot outdoor air can cause changing temperatures when you walk from one room to another. When this happens it becomes impossible for your air conditioner and furnace to maintain a consistent temperature. You should never have to overheat one room in order to achieve a comfortable temperature in another. Adding insulation can make all the difference.

The A/C and Furnace Rarely Shut Off

Having to run an air conditioner or furnace nonstop is not normal. Instead, the insulation in your home should be keeping your home comfortable enough that your a/c and furnace only have to switch on occasionally. Not only will this problem bring a spike in your energy bills, but it also shortens the lifespan of your a/c and furnace because they are continually being overworked.

Wet Spots on Your Ceiling or In Your Attic

Moisture within your attic or insulation is not a problem you want to ignore. It is usually the result of basement flooding, roof leaks, and blocked or missing vents, and unfortunately, can only be solved by installing properly balanced attic ventilation. The water simply could not be vented out as it should, and thus found a home in your insulation. Not only does this cause a mildewy smell, but it can also cause unsafe mold to grow — potentially bringing harm to you and your family. At NorthStar, we can add soffit vents and air chutes (see below) to correct most ventilation problems.


Soffit Vent


Attic Chutes

Problems with Animal Infestations

Finding the evidence of mice, snakes, squirrels and other unwanted visitors can be a common indicator that your current insulation has been disturbed or compacted and has lost some of its effectiveness. As the insulation shifts or becomes damaged by these intruders, these rodents will be able to make your home theirs, often leaving traces of feces for you to discover. In some cases, we may need to remove the damaged insulation and re-insulate after the source of the intruders is repaired.

Take The First Step Toward Improved Comfort

Re-insulating your current home can bring ease to your worries, comfort, and wallet. Once you decide to re-insulate your home, check out the different types of insulation that are available to meet your needs. Our experienced advisors have the expertise to help you choose the best insulation for your home and comfort needs.