We carry both Johns Manville and CertainTeed fiberglass batt insulation for the majority of new construction work. Batts are available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses & R-values. At NorthStar, we stress that the important part of a good batt installation is attention to detail.

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Residential Insulation

For new homes, the only question about insulating attics is how much? The Department of Energy and the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code recommend minimum of R-38 for south central Kansas homes, while the Oak Ridge National Laboratory ( recommends R-49. We generally advise on at least the R-38 level. For existing homes, insulating or re-insulating attics is a quick and easy process to add comfort and reduce utility bills. Whatever material may be in an attic (if any) can always be added to, and should removal be requested, we can vacuum out the existing material.

To estimate what’s in your attic now, see our chart. As for what should be up there, we still recommend an R-value of R-38 in our climate zone, with higher values as an option. Whether you want fiberglass or cellulose, it’s up to you. As long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed, you get the R-value you pay for.

Commercial Insulation


Although some of the construction methods change, paying attention to details is vital in commercial insulation applications as well. Of particular note is that the Blow-in-Blanket System can easily be installed in steel stud construction, with even higher R-values than in wood studs.

NorthStar has experience with metal building insulation as well, including the Simple Saver System and others. Please call or email us for more information on ways to make your metal buildings more cost effective and comfortable.

Insulation Removal

Our technicians can quickly and efficiently remove old insulation from your home and business before replacing it. Many times, old insulation will hurt the effectiveness of your new insulation by taking up added space, forcing compression, or allowing rot and animals to take root in the new insulation. Ensure your home’s efficiency by removing your old insulation.

Sustainability Efforts

To do our part in protecting planet Earth, we recycle all of the bags that the insulation comes in. This means we can protect our environment, while also bringing improved comfort to you!