Buyer Beware

When looking into comfort and energy efficiency upgrades to your home or office, the amount of information available can be overwhelming, if not contradictory and/or misleading. We would like to be a resource for you in making your home the best living environment possible by providing some advice below.

Before taking your first step, we recommend stopping by the EnergyStar division of the Department of Energy.  

If you decide to make insulation upgrades, check the Department of Energy Insulation fact sheet.

Also, watch out for ‘fluffing’ of insulation. This occurs in attics, where the contractor in question uses less insulation but makes it look sufficient by installing it at a lower density. Avoid this by using reputable installers and checking the manufacturer’s fact sheet for each brand of insulation. Remember, you must have a “minimum” depth and a “minimum” number of bags for your attic area to be sure you are getting the insulating power you are paying for.

While we don’t sell windows (just window film to improve their performance), we still have some opinions about what kind of glass to use. Please feel free to contact us for more information about what makes some windows better than others and what you should look for when getting new windows.

When buying window film, be aware that your glass manufacturer may void their warranty. Most films come with a standard warranty that offsets this for a limited amount of time, and two of our film manufacturers offer optional warranties that will replace your original glass warranty.