Building Window Tinting


Benefits of Window Tinting Your Home or Business

An increased number of residents and business owners are turning to window tinting as a way to increase comfort and save money. Start living and working better today.

Lower Energy Costs

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home or business is not cheap, but by tinting your windows you can find a world of savings. This is because window film helps block the sun’s rays. When less heat comes through the windows, your a/c does not have to work as hard — resulting in up to 50% savings on your cooling costs.

Enhance Your Building’s Physical Appearance

Businesses and homes with tinted windows have a better, more uniform overall appearance. This can be important for businesses who are trying to look professional and draw in customers. The windows not only look clearer and crisp, but it also helps hide the dirt and streaks that inevitably end up on your windows. Not a business owner? Improving your home’s appearance through tinted windows can make a huge difference in your home’s street appeal. This is especially important if you are trying to sell your home.

Reduce Unwanted Glare

When the sun comes through the windows, it not only lets in heat, but it also lets in an unwanted glare. This can be incredibly annoying if you are trying to watch television or work on a laptop or computer screen. Fortunately, window tinting significantly reduces the unwanted glare. For businesses, this can lead to increased productivity as your employees are less likely to become distracted or get headaches.

Protect Your Loved Ones or Customers

The amazing durability and scratch-resistant quality of window tinting can help improve the safety of your home or business. In the case of a storm, attempted break-in, or accident, tinted glass is harder to break through or shatter. This can help to protect both your property and those inside of it.

Lengthen the Life of Valuables and Furnishings

Just as ultraviolet light can be harmful to humans, it can also be harmful to valuables in your home. Window tinting shields furnishings, drapes, carpet, paintings, and other important objects from fading or deteriorating from the sun. By blocking these harmful UV rays, window tinting can help businesses to cut back on upkeep costs and spend their money elsewhere. It also creates a fresh look that can impress customers, clients, or anyone visiting your home or office.
Whether you have just moved into your home or are looking to sell, adding window tinting can be a great way to make your home stand out on the market. Tinting is no longer a luxury, but more of a necessity for comfort and cost savings. Try our Window Film Viewer for Homes below and discover the types of window films that you may be interested in.